December 18, 2014

Indy Vanguard - a project of Greater Indianapolis for Change


Greater Indianapolis for Change was born out of the grassroots movement unleashed by the Barack Obama presidential campaign. We are a multi-partisan group dedicated to the belief that this campaign brought a historic change to this nation and that we need to actively engage to ensure that this empowerment of the citizens of our country continues to flourish.

It is our mission to connect individuals, to cultivate new initiatives, and to foster the change that will transform us at the personal, local and national levels. From community organizing to community service, from issue advocacy to political action, our purpose is to enable citizens, promote issues and nurture candidates--all from the grassroots level.


Join Greater Indianapolis for Change!

By joining, you will become part of a network of activists dedicated to serving their community--people who have similar passions and motivations--and you will be linked into a team who can assist in realizing those common goals. 

Through Greater Indianapolis for Change, we connect our members with other volunteers, organizations, groups and thought leaders to take full advantage of the impact that single voices have when they are joined together.  Our intent is not to compete with other groups, rather, to partner with them to be able to make a difference.  A nimble and dynamic organization, we will be ready to deploy resources quickly to assist in improving our communities and our nation.

Join us to become a powerful force for change!

Greater Indianapolis for Change is a multi-partisan grassroots organization, not affiliated with Organizing for America nor the Democratic National Committee.